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Highest Average EPC

If the only thing that made us different were a sexy interface we’d understand your apprehension. Thankfully, you can also count on the highest payouts in the industry to make the switch to us.

Weekly Payouts

How does 1 week sound? We thought so. Get paid all commissions every week starting 7 days from the first call you send our way. Your cash flow is already thanking us.

Re-Marketing Suite

We’re proud to announce the first re-marketing tools to the Pay Per Call industry. With features like Ring Back and Text Back, conversions will increase by up to 15% with no additional effort.

Pay Per Call Market Affiliate Network

Auto Insurance Nationwide 24/7 – Featured Pay Per Call Offer

Auto Insurance Offer is our featured offer because it is blowing the roof in regards to EPC. If you are a publisher driving auto insurance call you need to test this offer. You can make more money with us because we awesome distribution power in this space. You get direct access to most of the insurance carriers in the nation with little or no extra IVR questions. Yeah we created trusted relationship with our buyers so that we can ultimately eliminate redundancy with extra IVR questions. You get more money because we go direct get the highest payout possible.

Nationwide Coverage
24 / 7 Coverage
Direct Relationships

What Are Affiliates Saying?

Leah B.

“We built our company around the Ring Router platform. Thanks for helping us scale and increase our conversion!”

Leah B.President at Large Media Company
James C.

“We’re extremely pleased at the high level of attention in customer service that has followed our account through major growth.”

James C.Co-founder at National Media Agency

Exclusive Call Remarketing Solutions

Join our network and boost call conversions by up to 15% with our exclusive re-marketing suite. Literally.

Ring Back

Never worry about the calls you send falling through the cracks. Our technology knows when sales centers are available and automatically calls back and connects your hard earned leads who called in after hours…and the results are dramatic.

Text Back

Boost conversions without extra effort. Any time a call doesn’t meet a qualifying call duration, the Caller automatically receives a customizable text message which acts as a second chance opportunity for the Caller to convert.

Dynamic Call Routing

Because we have multiple buyers for each vertical, our technology will intelligently route your call to the highest bidder which means higher payouts and less leg work for you. It just works.

Why Choose Pay Per Call Market?

To start, we’re not built on Invoca (Ring Revenue). We’re built on new technology and …Pay Per Call Market boasts the highest commissions, pays out sooner and has the most buyers across all verticals. Feature rich? Yep. Because of our exclusive re-marketing tools, we’re also built for up to 15% higher conversions, more revenue and best in class user experience.

  • Commissions paid weekly. No one even comes close on this one. Hello, cash flow.
  • High commissions? Here’s just one example…get paid up to $22 per qualified auto insurance call.

In short, we’re built for you, your leads and your bottom line.  Get in touch.

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Highest Average EPC. Weekly Payouts. Remarketing, Remarketing, Remarketing.