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Pay Per Call Leads Central

What are Pay Pay Per Call Leads?

Pay Per Call Leads are true performance based marketing. You get paid by making your advertisers phone ring with customer interested in their service or product. Generate call through Online or Offline Marketing Methods like: Mobile Search, SEO, Mobile Apps, Newspaper, Flyer Distribution, Billboards, and many more. Pay Per Call Leads are just getting started. Now is your opportunity to generate high quality leads and get paid on your performance.

Pay Per Call Lead Market

Our Pay Per Call Lead Market offers publishers access to nationwide 24/7 auto insurance campaign. Online and Offline marketing we provide you with a phone to start making money instantly. Getting started is so easy and it costs you nothing. Sign up today and get access to our team of marketing professionals. We have proven method to reach customers and turn you into a money making machine.

How Pay Per Call Works

  • Apply for to this offer, then Pay Per Call Market will assign you a Free Tracking Phone Number.

  • Multiple Tracking Phone Numbers may be assigned to track multiple marketing sources.

  • Now, you can advertise this phone number to people interested in buying auto insurance.

  • All calls to your phone number will be routed to Live Insurance Agent for a quote.

  • All calls are tracked & logged in your dashboard for clear & accurate payouts.

  • Payouts are made on Qualified Pay Per Call Leads that determined by the call duration rule set in the offer.

  • Payouts are automatically paid on a weekly basis to your Paypal account.

Pay Per Call Leads have the Highest Payout

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Who are Pay Per Call Affiliate Publishers?

Online Marketers

Online Marketers have started generating Pay Per Call Leads by adding their Tracking Phone Number to all their current online marketing strategies such as organic lead generation, pay per click advertising, and email or sms messaging. By offering more alternatives, Online Marketing can increase the conversion ratios. Ring Router pays weekly on all Live Phone Leads you generate and you have full access to an online real-time dashboards. Don’t hesitate, start today, it is easy to setup and you can start making money NOW!

Insurance Agents

Industry Agents have begun turning their unwanted leads into extra revenue for their businesses while keeping their workload the same. Insurance Agents do this by simply having their unwanted prospects call their Tracking Phone Number. As soon as the unwanted prospect calls the phone number, they are instantly routed to another Insurance Agent that can quote and write the business. Every Pay Per Call Lead you generate is tracked on your dashboard and Pay Per Call Market pays out your earnings automatic each week. So keep doing what you are doing but become a Affilate today and add a new stream of income NOW!


Turning your network of friends, family and professionals relationships into cash has never been so easy. When networkers become a Affiliate in our marketplace they quickly learn how easy it is to make money. Networker simply generate mobile leads by giving out the Tracking Phone Number to everyone they know that would be interested in an insurance quote. Our marketplace extends to all 50 states so networkers can travel across the United States making money. Don’t wait to become a Seller, get started today and make money NOW!

Here's how you make money

Someone calls your phone number to buy auto insurance.

You receive a commission.

Pay Per Call technology will route each to an Live Insurance Agent.

All commissions are paid based on the highest price possible and are tracked in your Pay Per Call Market Dashboard.

Finally, a simple solution that can start today and earn money instantly!

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