3 Effective marketing tips you have never heard and will never forget

There are a lot of marketing tips and tricks making the rounds on the web that are mostly repeated and restated over and over.

They work, which is why they are repeated so often, but they are also “done” which means they have lost some of their efficacy. If you want to really make a splash with your marketing, it might be a good idea to go a direction fewer people go.

Video marketing

There is a movement on the web which has emerged in the last year that revolves around short video clips known as “vines” that take just a few seconds to get their point across. They range in length from two seconds to a minute, but people like them because they’re easy to share and fast to watch so they can be on to the next item on their Facebook feed without much delay.

A well thought out vine can quickly go viral, spreading your marketing message throughout your chosen social media. Obviously, it can’t be boring, it needs to be funny, thought-provoking, or ironic, and not obtrusively an advertisement. Otherwise people will ignore it and move on.

Sweta Patel, an entrepreneur and owner of Global Marketing Tactics said there are a few keys to making a good video, whether it’s a vine or longer production. “Include social and emotional triggers to provoke the buyer to take action,” Patel suggested. “In every video use the AIDA Model (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). Every video should just be a teaser and it should be simple enough for a 4th grader to understand.”

Make sales and marketing work together

Get rid of the notion that sales and marketing are different departments that don’t intersect. Their jobs are integral to the success of each other and cannot work completely independently. Patel said, “When the marketing team works with the sales team they will better understand the consumer base for the market. This will help them create different personas in the marketing world to represent the brand.” Instead of focusing solely on the product, the two teams will help each other focus on customers and their interests, their personality, and their goals.

To help make sure the two departments are working together, Patel suggested, “Create weekly accountability reports to justify all revenue generating activities between the sales department and marketing department.”

Pay per call marketing

Another marketing idea you may not have heard of before is pay per call marketing. This is an affiliate marketing program that pairs your company with affiliates—these are often either bloggers or companies with complementary products—who will advertise for you. They share your contact information and advertise your brand in an attractive way, making sure to represent it so qualified buyers, rather than curious passersby, will pay attention. For every qualified customer they refer, they get paid, but only if the person is qualified. Thus, you get real, interested buyers, and they receive a little extra income. It’s a win-win situation.

Source: Times of San Diego

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