3 MORE reasons why mobile marketing is the future of advertising

The reasons to have a mobile-friendly interface are numerous, which is why we couldn’t let it stop at the three benefits we enumerated last time.

Previously, we talked about how huge the mobile market is getting, the local nature of mobile searches, and the quick conversions mobile marketing tend to have. But there are many more reasons marketers shouldn’t ignore the smartphone and tablet market. Here are 3 more of those reasons.

1. It’s a great way to interact with customers.

Different from television commercials, direct mail marketing, flyers, or billboards, mobile devices were made for interaction. According to Brett Relander, the digital marketing consultant referenced in the previous article, “The top five tasks for which smartphones are used are making a phone call (83%), checking email (74%), searches (67%), taking pictures (62%), and accessing social media (57%).” Relander suggested businesses take advantage of these tasks to further their marketing objects.

“For example,” Relander went on, “[you can] make it easy for your users to take pics of your products and services, share it via social media, and become an advocate for your business.” One way businesses encourage such behavior is through photo contests or giveaways on social media.

2. Mobile has defined peak times.

Unlike other sources of marketing, mobile devices are used all day, every day, which means there’s no off season for your mobile marketing. However, the hours between 8 PM and midnight have been designated as the highest traffic times for mobile searches, which means you have a chance to reach your customers at a specific time and place (likely their own homes). Upping whatever marketing you do during these hours is likely to yield higher returns than other arenas at that time of day.

One form of marketing you might employ was mentioned briefly in the previous article: pay per call marketing. Instead of doing all your own marketing, you can actually pair with an affiliate—which is a business with interests or products similar to your own—who will distribute your contact information to interested customers. Affiliates only get paid when they generate a qualified lead, which means they have incentive to send real potential customers your way, rather than people with passing curiosity.

3. Apps generate higher revenue.

Unique to mobile devices (and now a few laptop computers) is the ability to download apps. According to Relander, “85% of mobile users feel more at ease with apps as compared to mobile websites. iOS apps generate nearly four times the revenue that corresponding Android apps do.” You can motivate people to download your app by offering exclusive discounts, coupons, and deals to app-owners. When you provide deals with real value, your app rating will go up and customers will be more likely to encourage others to download the app as well, essentially doing your marketing for you.

Source: Entrepreneur

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