3 reasons why mobile marketing is the future of advertising

When it comes to mobile marketing, it’s better to be late to the game than never arrive.

Having a mobile presence will be greatly in your favor, considering how the preponderance of the market now has a mobile device of some kind they use to surf the web, check their email, utilize social media, etc. If your website is mobile-friendly, mobile visitors will be more likely to remain on your site, should they come across it on their phone or tablet.

Finding your mobile marketing niche

However, the sooner you get into mobile marketing the better, so don’t put it off. Niche markets are quickly being filled up, and the more apps there are, the less likely your app is to be noticed. Brett Relander, a digital marketing consultant who specializes in mobile apps and social media, said, “Google has predicted that mobile searches will overtake desktop-based searches in 2015.” Their numbers show that a whopping 85.9 billion searches will be made via mobile devices, compared to 84 billion desktop computers.

1. Smartphone users on the rise.

Even more astounding, there will be 2 billion smartphone users by the end of 2015—with a world population of 7.2 billion, that’s a huge percentage of customers. In the United States, 57% of the population owns a smartphone, which tells you that already over half the market is viewing mobile marketing.

2. Mobile searchers are local.

Some businesses assume that because they aren’t a huge corporation, there’s no chance their website could be noticed in the colossal deluge of mobile marketing. However, Relander related, “40% of mobile searches are local in nature,” and “A staggering 77% occur when the searcher is not on the go, but rather at home or at work.” So the length of your reach or size of your business doesn’t matter, people will find you if you have an online presence.

3. Mobile conversions are quick.

Conversions on mobile searches happen quickly—in fact, 81% occur within five hours of the initial search. “This means that you need to have the infrastructure and trained manpower in place to handle the post-search phase,” said Relander. “Searches lead to actions such as calls, facilitated by click-to-call functionality, or visits to the business premises for further inquiries.”

One way to increase your click-to-call reach is by partnering with an affiliate through Pay Per Call Market. This service allows you to advertise through a business with complementary products, or through a blog with possibly interested followers. Your contact information is displayed in an easily accessible part of the site and your affiliate gets paid depending on how many qualified leads they generate for you. That’s the caveat: the leads must be qualified, rather than casual or curious visitors. That’s why the service works great for you and your affiliate.

Source: Entrepreneur

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