3 secrets to content marketing from a successful entrepreneur

Jim Yu isn’t just an entreprenuer, he’s also the CEO and founder of BrightEdge, a successful, now international marketing company that specializes in content marketing and SEO.

In Yu’s vast experience, he’s been able to come up with some tips and tricks for successful market strategizing. Here are a few of those tips for making your marketing campaigns work for you.

Be resourceful

First of all, Yu emphasized the need for resourcefulness. He said, “For content marketers . . . resourcefulness is crucial. One of the toughest aspects is consistently coming up with timely, relevant ideas. You can’t simply stop publishing content when you’re short of ideas. Instead, make a habit of socking away evergreen ideas that can survive the barren ‘winters’ of writers’ block.”

When ideas are flowing freely, make a list of them and keep it in full view. Add to it as needed, even if it’s just a few key words you come up with. When there’s a lot in the news to write about or you’re in the mood, create a few extra pieces that you can bring out when content marketing ideas run dry. And don’t rely on just your own creativity; resourcefulness means reaching out to all your sources and trolling them for ideas, including your cubicle mate, your next door neighbor, even the boss’s weekly memo.

For further ideas, Yu suggested, “Whether it’s an interesting tweet or comment, integrate story mining into your daily routine and save those nuggets of ideas for future content. Don’t let the story mill run dry because even if the ideas are flowing today, winter is always coming.”

Get yourself heard

The best content marketing in the world won’t convince anyone to buy your product unless it’s seen and read (and hopefully shared) by someone. You don’t have to be the most creative marketer, you just have to be consistent in highlighting what it is about your product that makes it different from any other. For instance, Starbucks has created an iconic persona that involves its logo and store experience. It ties that motif into its online presence, its mobile app, and its social media.

Yu brought up the example of the Starbucks “Say Yes to Summer” Frappuccino campaign. “This kind of customer engagement results from a brand experience being seamlessly omnichannel,” Yu said. “Focus on unifying [your] company’s brand personality across channels, and soon the content’s ‘roar’ will grow.”

Focus on the future

Don’t get so concentrated on the present that you lose sight of your end game. That’s where a really great marketing campaign can go wrong—when the marketer gets too excited about some idea or other and forgets that they aren’t in the business of entertaining, they’re in the business of selling things.

Yu urged, “With every content decision made, be laser-focused on the end result: What value does this bring readers? What kind of engagement will result?”

Source: Entrepreneur

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