4 pitfalls of mobile marketing

It seems like news feeds are always full of mobile marketing campaigns going viral. Scrolling through a social media site, you might easily see one or two videos with over a million views or a photo thread with thousands of comments. So why does it seem so easy for others while your mobile marketing limps along, barely making back what you’ve invested in it?

Likely, it’s because you’ve fallen into one of the top pitfalls of mobile marketing. And the reason all the content you see seems to have so many views is because you don’t run across the ones no one is talking about. It doesn’t mean there aren’t more mobile marketing campaigns out there, they’re probably just defunct. Like yours.

Neglecting to optimize your website for mobile devices

It’s true, websites don’t have to be set up differently in order to appear on mobile devices. The problem is, if you don’t program them to render in the correct dimensions, they’ll look on a phone exactly as they do on a computer screen, just miniature and unreadable. People browsing the web on their phones want navigation to be easy—they’re likely only using their thumbs to navigate, after all. Serious businesses know proper mobile rending is crucial to getting good ROI on mobile marketing.

Misusing SMS marketing

People who sign up for marketing texts expect two things: to receive value, and to receive a reasonable amount of texts. If you misuse this service, spamming customers with several texts a day, or even per week, it doesn’t matter how good their value is. People will unsubscribe because they don’t want their phone buzzing so often. Texts offer a great way to engage with your customers, but you must use them wisely.

Providing disappointing offers

If you’re going to bother marketing a special deal, sale, offer, or coupon, you better make it worth the customer’s while. If they feel spammed, tricked, or patronized, they aren’t going to give you another chance to make it up to them.

Brett Relander, a digital marketing consultant and the founder of Launch & Hustle, suggested, “Plan a campaign that entices prospects to engage with your business via their mobile devices. Loyalty discounts, time-based discounts, bulk-purchase deals, coupons, mobile only exclusives, etc. are excellent hooks.”

Neglecting your social media site

Once marketers get busy with their various avenues of advertising, they might begin to neglect the very platforms that generated their audience: social media. People are mostly using their mobile devices to check social media and their email, so if you haven’t integrated your marketing with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. then you’re a long ways off from making the most of your digital campaign. Be consistent with your content, otherwise the followers you do gain will lose interest, stop liking your posts, and cease spreading the word about your business around.

Source: Entrepreneur

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