7 Tips For Improving Social Media Marketing ROI

The aim of every good marketing director is to see those ROI numbers and  graphs constantly on an upward slope. Return on investment is what marketing is all about, though those effects aren’t always quantifiable. Jayson DeMers, an online marketing writer for Forbes Magazine, recognized that sometimes it seems like you’ve done all you can and those numbers just stagnate. Marketers want to come up with fresh, interesting new ideas, but to do so on a consistent basis is tough. That’s why Demers came up with a list of ways to maximize ROI for social media.

1. Reuse old blog posts for social media, even if it’s been shared before. Wait a reasonable amount of time and then share it again—you’ll get new likes and shares which Demers said will “increase the post’s social credibility.”

2. Funnel followers to opt-in pages. Just because they’ve liked you on Facebook or followed you on Twitter doesn’t mean they’re paying close attention to sales or deals or discounts. Give them plenty of opportunities to jump from social media to a landing page on your site that asks them to opt-in to your marketing emails (just be sure not to phrase it that way).

3. Determine the best time of day for posting to social media. Depending on your business and the demographics of your customers, you might have more success in the evening when people are home from work, or you might do better during the day if your market tends to be stay-at-home parents or teenagers on summer break.

4. Monitor competitor social media sites. Keep a list handy and do a daily or weekly check of what they’ve been posting. Try to be just as, if not more, consistent as your competitors.

5. Offer teaser pictures on Facebook with a caption like, “Can you tell what this is?” Then provide a link that will take them to a page on your website that provides more information. Don’t give them too much info, otherwise, DeMers said, “If you provide too much information, they may be content with simply reading your Facebook post.”

6. Use a call to action in your posts. Otherwise, people might not know what to do with the information you’ve provided. And even if they do, they’re more likely to act on it if they’ve been challenged to do so.

7. On Pinterest, you can see what kind of content people are pinning from your site by using this URL: http://pinterest.com/source/yourdomain.com (replacing yourdomain.com with your own URL). Using this idea, you can look at what’s being pinned from any site, including your competitors, and use that information to plan your marketing more wisely.

Appropriate usage of social media is a great way to get a good slope on your ROI. With a little creativity, there are a lot more options out there you’ll come up with as well.


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