Advertising to new customers, despite the shutdown

Times are uncertain, and the threat of default in America makes them even more uncertain.

Every business will be threatened by the lack of negotiation in the government. If the economy does drop significantly as many have promised, it could mean a small business struggles quite a bit to find new customers and sell more product. So, what can you do?

More online marketing – faster and faster

The best way to fight the negative effects the government decisions may have on your business is to advertise. Through better marketing and advertising, we will see the numbers continue to grow. You can get more customers so it won’t hurt so bad if you lose a few along the way due to the recession. According to Forbes, it is crucial that your advertising be closely associated with data. More or less, you need to be carefully observing how your advertising is affecting your numbers while constantly changing it to make the numbers better. Forbes explains that our society is becoming more and more digital every day, so to stay on top, you need to go digital. No more are the days of big idea billboards.

Stay competitive by testing the boundaries

Testing your boundaries and trying new things is really the only way to become successful. No two people want to experience advertising the same way, according to Forbes, so there needs to be multiple ways to get to them. You will need to consider your audience and what is preferred in advertising, but then try and advertise to them in as many ways possible. Staying on top means you are constantly changing and adapting to the way your customers learn and want to see things. Being online allows you to change your strategies quickly without getting hurt much if it doesn’t work.

Try pay per call

One option is to do pay per call advertising. This is a really great way to combine your creative efforts with the data. Because you only pay if it is a quality lead, you know exactly how effective it is. You don’t have to come up with any of your own advertising techniques, because you are basically paying someone else to do it. It is like paying for an advertising company that only charges you for real results. It is probably the best way to get your company extra leads if you are nervous about the government shutdown and possible default affecting you.



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