Advertising to Millennials: Your Best Bet

The very first thing a business has to do when it comes to marketing is determine their audience.

Even if you think you appeal to everyone, you have to take into account the fact that the majority of your audience will be a certain “type” of person. For example, if you are selling dog bones, you probably are going to be selling to people who own cats, even if your product is for “everyone.” But what if your target audience is on Facebook? What if you are trying to sell the millennials?

Millennial advertising: tricky business

When you start advertising towards millennials, you will obviously go straight for technology. These young adults don’t check the newspaper or read billboards. Instead, they are always on social media and are always checking their phones. How do you advertise to them, then? Social media. But there is one problem. The millennials also know how to use technology to block ads. Maybe they won’t ever even see your ad because it has been blocked. Is it worth it?

Of course it is worth it. You just have to evolve your advertising techniques to catch a wider audience.

Getting them to advertise for you

If you don’t have something worth selling, stop trying. Millennials are big into complaining and will not come back if you have ever let them down. On the bright side, they are also fairly loyal if it is a product they love. You need to let them sell their own products. Ads are getting blocked, so you need to get customers to “like” your page. Get them to comment about your product, and you will have it in.

Buying what your friends buy

According to Inside Facebook, 95 percent of millennials surveyed said they trusted information from their friends, and another 91 percent said they would buy something just because their friend recommended it. Instead of trying to push your own advertising, maybe you should focus on letting others do it. With pay per call, you are paying millennials to advertise the product for you. They will do it because it means a paycheck, and if you have a great product, their friends will do it too. In the end, you will have a valuable network of people advertising for you, and you won’t have to spend any money doing it. Advertising to millennials may be easier than any other advertising you have tried before.


Inside Facebook

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