Affiliate marketing connects companies with new customers

Company websites aren’t set up in a vacuum, people are always jumping from one site to another.

You’ll probably find it’s the exception, rather than the rule, when someone enters your site from a search engine or by typing in your URL, going straight to your home page. More often people enter through content marketing (i.e. a blog, social media, an email link). And with high speed computers and internet connections, they’re just as likely to click right on through without spending time clicking around your website.

Look for common values

So how do you get them to stay? You’ve got to think outside the box. One option becoming daily more popular is through affiliate marketing or partnerships. Ronn Torossian, the founder, President, and CEO of 5W Public Relations, suggests, “Think about brands and vendors that you may share common values with—and who may expand your customer base. How can you work together to cross-promote and cross-pollinate customers?”

Provide incentives

Offering incentives to bloggers or other websites to post or promote your material is one way to reach a wider audience. People who follow blogs are always looking for good deals, and they’re more likely to listen to a friend’s recommendations than your sales pitch. So try advertising through your affiliates’ blogs, offering exclusive discounted prices to the blogger and his or her followers. Or try offering information of value that they can apply to themselves or their lifestyles. Could you distribute a free online pamphlet or ebook? Market it through your affiliates and you’ll likely find people are more willing to give it a try.

Pay per call

Pay per call marketing is another version of how affiliate partnerships can work. Give your affiliate information to post on their site that encourages them to contact your company for more information or a price quote. Whenever someone calls that number and qualifies or communicates sincere interest in making a purchase, you pay your affiliate a fee. But the fees only apply to qualified leads, so the affiliate has incentive to reach out to real customers, rather than those who would merely be curious.

Source: Huffington Post

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