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Facts for marketing to women

The first and most important part of any marketing campaign is to first identify your target audience. As a pay per call marketer, it is especially important that your blog identify a target audience and write specifically towards that audience that will actually be interested in calling to get more information on a service or product. One of the largest groups out there that you may have to advertise to is women, but how exactly can you go about marketing to women? Here are a few facts that you can use.

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Generation Y: Who they are, and why marketers should care (Part 1)

Another generation of consumers has come of age: Generation Y, or those born between 1980 and 1999 now wield huge buying power in the U.S. market (though those born in the latter part of this time bracket still have a couple years until they’re full-fledged adults).

Many of them are done with college, embarking on careers, buying homes, going on more expensive vacations, beginning families, etc. With a population 7% larger than that of the baby boomer parents, their disposable income is vast and marketers should be taking that into account.

According to Barron’s Magazine these Millennials (those who have “come of age” since 2000) “already account for an annual $1.3 trillion of consumer spending, or 21% of the total.” That number will only grow larger as their job positions rise and salaries increase. Continue reading “Generation Y: Who they are, and why marketers should care (Part 1)” »

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The trick to balancing finance and marketing

Savvy marketers know you can’t just create a marketing campaign, set it on repeat, and forget about it.

Marketing needs constant tweaking, which means its budget does, too. Though you should have a set amount of money set aside for marketing, be aware that some months that much will be enough, and other months it will need some supplementing. It all depends on the consumers, the condition of the market, and what your competitors are doing. Continue reading “The trick to balancing finance and marketing” »

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Mobile marketing case study database now accessible to the public

Marketing managers need no longer comb bookstore shelves or endless web pages looking for the most up-to-date information about mobile marketing.

As one of his first actions as Chairman of the Mobile Marketing Association Global Board of Directors, Dunkin Brands’ President John Costello has announced the launch of “the first-ever comprehensive database of mobile marketing case studies.” Continue reading “Mobile marketing case study database now accessible to the public” »

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Improving web page load times boosts revenue (Part 2)

Previously, we talked about the serious detriment slow web page load times can have on your revenue and the efficacy of your online marketing.

Factors that can influence its speed include the number and size of images you have on your site, the quality of your site design, and the speed of your server. People used to put up with a 4 second delay when waiting for a web page to load, but these days they only allow 2 seconds, which puts a lot of pressure on you and your web designer. Luckily, there are several ways you can go about fixing slow load times. Continue reading “Improving web page load times boosts revenue (Part 2)” »

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How to use social media to create customers

Contrary to popular belief, advertising isn’t just about creating brand awareness, though that is one step of the process.


Actually, advertising’s goal is to create customers, or so says Daniel Newman, digital marketing contributor to Forbes Magazine.

In a recent article, he explained, “With the proliferation of digital marketing, social media, and the hyper-aware consumer . . . the role of marketing has evolved. . . . Having said that, the growth of new channels hasn’t changed the fact that marketers are supposed to be creating customers, but what it has done is make many of our marketing efforts more measurable.” Continue reading “How to use social media to create customers” »

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Discussing the question of creating effective content marketing

With content consumption expanding at unprecedented rates, the idea that everyone is a publisher is not far from the truth.


People are constantly communicating their stories via social media networks, increasing competition for your brand’s voice every day. After all, what would consumers rather read, a sweet, heart-warming story about a dog mother raising a littler of cats, or some spiel about why your vacuum is better than anyone else’s? Even visual marketing, which previously could catch customers’ eyes with some visually interesting picture or design, has lost its pep as the web has been inundated with Facebook uploads and Instagram feeds. Continue reading “Discussing the question of creating effective content marketing” »

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Shoestring advertising strategies for small businesses

Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive.

09-finance-ad-budget-BKT_571Sometimes small business owners get caught up in the idea that advertising consists of commercials, billboards, and radio spots. These, however, are just the tip of the iceburg. There’s a whole plethora of options when it comes to advertising, many of them much more affordable than those three options. Continue reading “Shoestring advertising strategies for small businesses” »

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Why blogs are best for content marketing

When you launch a marketing campaign, you expect to see results. Within a few weeks, you’re hoping to start seeing an increase in business and more quality customers.

BlogsThough that should be expected in many marketing campaigns, content marketing is not at all the same. It is a long term commitment that produces long term results, but why should you blog, really? Continue reading “Why blogs are best for content marketing” »

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