4 pitfalls of mobile marketing

It seems like news feeds are always full of mobile marketing campaigns going viral. Scrolling through a social media site, you might easily see one or two videos with over a million views or a photo thread with thousands of comments. So why does it seem so easy for others while your mobile marketing limps along, barely making back what you’ve invested in it?

Likely, it’s because you’ve fallen into one of the top pitfalls of mobile marketing. And the reason all the content you see seems to have so many views is because you don’t run across the ones no one is talking about. It doesn’t mean there aren’t more mobile marketing campaigns out there, they’re probably just defunct. Like yours. Continue reading “4 pitfalls of mobile marketing” »

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Generation Y: Who they are, and why marketers should care (Part 2)

Generation Y, also known as Millenials (those who have come of age since 2000) have taken the online markets by storm, possibly leaving some digital marketers in the dust.

Previously, we talked about the whopping $1.3 trillion Millenial consumers spend annually and their preference for social media outlets and friend recommendations. But there’s more to marketing to Gen Y than posting a funny picture on Facebook or garnering shares of interest-based articles. Continue reading “Generation Y: Who they are, and why marketers should care (Part 2)” »

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Savvy shoppers looking for deals, sales, and coupons

People are consuming marketing at an incredible rate these days.

They see advertisements on TV, get texts to their phone, messages in their inboxes, drive by them on the streets, and skim over them during online shopping. The question is, do they notice any of these attempts to catch their attention, and if so, is your brand one of the ones they remember? Continue reading “Savvy shoppers looking for deals, sales, and coupons” »

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How to get and keep loyal, online customers

It’s one things to get people to visit your website, it’s quite another to convince them to purchase your goods.

And even if they’ve purchased products from you once, that doesn’t make them long-lasting or loyal. This complicated process of gaining and keeping online customers was recently boiled down to three steps by Court Cunningham, CEO of Yodle, an online marketing company. Continue reading “How to get and keep loyal, online customers” »

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Producing meaningful advertising for Facebook takes creativity

Marketers seem to have the idea that marketing on Facebook is easy.

Just copy a paragraph out of a promotions email, pair it with a stock image, and presto, you have marketing, right? Maybe that was considered good work in the early days of Facebook, but its platform and users have evolved in the intervening years and these days marketers have to be a bit more creative. Toss out any lingering ideas that Facebook users are going to read long paragraphs or get captured by a generic picture. These days, smart imagery, little text, and daily posting is what’s going to get you more exposure on users’ news feeds. Continue reading “Producing meaningful advertising for Facebook takes creativity” »

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Survey results point to effectiveness of online marketing (Part 2)

The previous post looked at how much money small businesses tend to spend on their marketing campaigns and how they allocate that money.

SEO_survey_reuslts-1024x768A surprising number of businesses have yet to tap into the wealth of customer leads that can be generated through online or mobile marketing. However, they indicated that 19% of new customers are brought in by SEO, a second place only behind word of mouth. Continue reading “Survey results point to effectiveness of online marketing (Part 2)” »

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SEO: Is it a trick or a treat?

Internet search engines and content marketing have come a long way from their humble beginnings.

trick-or-treatIn the early days, companies didn’t have a good way of preventing spammers and scammers from finagling your search results. It was easy to be trapped into visiting scamming sites for illegitimate businesses. That’s where the Google search engine algorithm came in. This algorithm helps prevent bogus companies from inundating your search results and puts relevant content right at the top of your feed. If there is an advertisement, it is highlighted in yellow with the word “ad” in small print so you know the site will try to sell you something. Continue reading “SEO: Is it a trick or a treat?” »

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The benefits and drawbacks of automated marketing

In small and large businesses, mom and pop shops and multinational corporations, there is always something that needs to be done.

auto-marketingBusiness owners and marketing directors are always looking for ways to cut down on their workloads. One way they can do this is by implementing marketing automation. When done correctly, your website, social media site, or email generator will be able to handle some of the minor items of day-to-day business. Continue reading “The benefits and drawbacks of automated marketing” »

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SEO needs integration with marketing to be effective

Effective SEO usage isn’t just about using key words you think your audience will search.

It’s all about catering to the Google search algorithm, recognizing sources of traffic, and creating quality content. It’s all a bit overwhelming, especially for small business owners who have a lot of other things on their minds. Continue reading “SEO needs integration with marketing to be effective” »

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Website load time affects revenue generation

There’s nothing more frustrating to internet users than a slow-loading webpage.

That’s why it’s important that in addition to having a sophisticated layout, easy navigation, and an intuitive website-load-timescheckout process on your website, you have a server with quick load times. Today’s culture values the instant gratification mentality and the longer people have to wait, the more likely it is that they’ll click away before your company’s website loads. Continue reading “Website load time affects revenue generation” »

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