CEOs affect success of marketing campaigns

CEOs affect success of marketing campaigns

When it comes to marketing, there isn’t much Adele Lassere doesn’t know. With over 20 years of experience in marketing and advertising and authorship of the book, “Elements of Buying: A How to Reference Guide on Advertising for Business Owners,” Lassere is used to being sought out for advice from marketers on how to make their marketing campaigns successful.

However, she argues it shouldn’t just be marketers who are involved in the advertising process. It’s her opinion that CEOs should be consulted, as well. She explained, “In today’s economy, it isn’t enough for CEOs to just sit in the ivory tower and watch the ships pass by. With the increased pressure to deliver results . . . today’s CEOs [should be] actively engaged in every aspect of their business operations, including marketing.” And this doesn’t mean a simple pat on the back and Good job” will suffice.

More than a gimmick

Marketing is more than a mere attention-grabber or gimmick. It’s a legitimate launch pad for revenue streams, in addition to providing the opportunity to find out important data about website visitors, customer buying habits, and product popularity. Because of this significance, Lassere said, “CEOs now review all marketing reports, seek information on how to expand their networks, and are interested in what future capital investments are under consideration.”  Such information offers valuable insights into the company’s inner workings and overall success.

Having an active role in the marketing process allows CEOs to have a first-hand look at what’s performing well, which avenues provide the best lead generation, and which revenue channels might offer the best opportunity for growth. Thus, it’s no surprise that Lassere has noticed, “Many CEOs are joining themselves at the hip of their marketing teams to ensure the overall success of their businesses.”

Pay per call marketing

One possible outlet for digital marketing is pay per call marketing. This method involves pairing companies with affiliates (other companies or blogs who share similar interests or sell complementary products) who then advertise on behalf of the original company. These affiliates are motivated to find qualified leads because they only get paid when people are genuinely interested, rather than casually curious. The decision of whether or not to use such an avenue can be a discussion between marketers and CEOs.

Small business owners

As the owner of a small company, it might seem like too much to expect you to have a finger in the marketing pie as well as everything else. However, Lassere pointed out that advancing technology makes is making it easier to keep track of every project’s progress. She said, “Given technological advances and the ease to gain access to and measure results, marketing in many organizations are leading the charge [to achieve goals].” This is why she said it’s especially important to have a consistent mobile and social channels for your business which are also overseen by the CEO. A trick for figuring out how to balance all this is by tracking how CEOs in larger companies are able to do it. Keep an eye on them, and improve your chances at being a long term success story.

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