Change in Google algorithm: you should change too

As the times change, so does technology.

We are getting to a point where everyone has the internet at their fingertips all day long between computers and smartphones. When someone searches Google for something, they expect to find their answer in the first few links online. Google knows this and is always changing the algorithm to avoid manipulation by businesses and to perfect the system, so they can always provide you with the best system. The most recent algorithm change, it seems, has been motivated by Apple. The iPhone and Siri have changed the internet forever.

Apple’s Siri starting it all

Apple created Siri in the iPhone, which made it easier than ever to just ask a question and have it answered. People quickly learned that they would rather have their questions answered simply and clearly than dig through the internet to find it. Though Siri has not been copied to other phones, similar question-answer things are being used in Android devices. People have gotten lazy, and they want to ask a question and get fast answers.

Google algorithm about conversation

The new Google algorithm will help people quickly get their answers. The last major change in the algorithm was meant to be a better way of indexing sites, according to BBC News, but this new change will rank sites based on an “intelligent understanding of search requests.” For the end user, this means getting the information you really wanted faster than ever and having the ability to get all your questions answered. For businesses, though, this means an even more competitive internet market.

Getting more competitive with online marketing

Most of us already know that we need to stay competitive if we are going to keep up with the Google change, but how can we do that? The biggest reason for the change seems to be so Google can answer questions more easily through Google phones, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be affected. You need to work and make sure you have quality content on your website. Make sure there is real information with everything a customer would need.

If you use pay-per-call, you may not be affected at all! The other people promoting your website may have to make a few changes to stay on top, but your business will keep on going. You only pay for quality leads, so all the other people will have motivation to make the changes they need to keep getting viewers. Sounds like a good deal to me!

Sources: BBC News

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