Common marketing mistakes with social media

When it comes to marketing, there are a lot of different tips and tricks, and it seems like all the opinions vary.

There are some things that just don’t change from market to market, though, and you should know about them. Everyone makes mistakes, and nobody is perfect. The real question, though, is what are your biggest marketing mistakes? It’s probably the same ones everyone else makes.

A few myths debunked

Many marketing mistakes have to do with myths in the industry. Though we don’t have mythbuster to help us out with these few marketing myths, we do have Search Engine Journal:

Are your customers using social media? – Some people think that their demographic isn’t using social media regularly enough to be worth spending time and money for marketing, but it isn’t true. With over 1.19 billion active users, there is a good chance your demographic is using it too.

Do I need to have a dedicated social media team? – One common thing people believe is that they can’t get any results with social media advertising unless they have a dedicated employee taking care of it. The truth is, one or two posts a day is enough, and you can usually post to all social media sites at once with 3rd party programs.

Can I use a Facebook page instead of my website? – A lot of times, people will just use a Facebook page instead of making a website. This is a huge mistake. People do not trust businesses or think they offer valuable products unless they have a website that is easy to use and easy to find. Link your Facebook to your website, but don’t use it in place of a website.

How can I measure social media effectiveness? – Though you may not think you can measure how well a social media marketing campaign is working for your business, it may actually be easier than you think. With Google Analytics, you can see exactly which sites people are being directed to your site from, which is one method. Another method suggested by Search Engine Journal is to create landing pages specifically designed to hit from social media campaigns. That way, you can measure how many visitors you have on those pages and see exactly how effective it has been.

Let the experts handle it

If you just do pay per call instead of worrying about all this fuss, you will end up letting others do the work. People who are experts with social media and blogging will quickly sign up to start advertising your product, and you only pay when you get quality leads calling you. It is the perfect setup if you don’t want to handle any more social media.


Search Engine Journal

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