New company helping big brands market themselves via Pinterest

In case you haven’t heard, Pinterest is one of the newest and hottest social media sites on the web.

PinterestOriginally used primarily by women who traded interior design secrets and recipe ideas, it now has content for virtually everyone, from electronics to makeup and humor to photography, with a special focus on projects and crafts for DIYers (do-it-yourself). Each image on Pinterest links back to an article, web page, or blog post created by a third party.

Pinterest marketing basics

Soon after the start of the Pinterest revolution, companies began realizing that it could be a great platform for getting their products noticed by a broader spectrum of the public. And if the public should like the content enough, they would re-pin the article for their friends to see, thus providing that company with free marketing.

Of course, some Pinterest marketing strategies are more effective than others. People are attracted to certain types of images and headlines and if the image isn’t tagged correctly, when people use the Pinterest search function your company’s image might not appear at the appropriate time. The key is to get your pin to start “trending” or “go viral,” both terms referring to the sudden and exponential rise in popularity of a product or blog article.

Ahalogy finds its niche

The founders of Ahalogy realized there was a niche for companies who wanted to be effectively marketed on Pinterest, and a company was born. So far, they’ve helped KIND Healthy Snacks, HSN, and Kellogg’s brand themselves on Pinterest. Their strategy, according to The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, “employs a customized, performance-based scheduling algorithm, converts site visitors after the click, and uses analytics and insights to continually improve results.”

Co-Founder and CEO of Ahalogy Michael Wohlschlaeger, said, “The year ahead will see a breakout for Pinterest, making way for meaningful brand marketing and new opportunities such as Promoted Pins.” The Promoted Pins are a new marketing option previously unavailable from Pinterest. Companies can now pay to have their pins appear on the Pinterest home page.

Keep advertising diversified

Of course, if you do choose to pursue Pinterest marketing, it’s never wise to put all your eggs in one basket. Pinterest users represent one demographic of customers, but others might be contacted through other means, such as pay per call marketing. Both of these types of marketing require a certain amount of finesse to perfect and it’s always a smart idea to get professionals to help you come up with an effective plan of action so you can avoid wasting time and money.

Source: Marketwatch 

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