How to content market like a Hollywood movie marketing team

Content marketing is everywhere these days, not just on the web.

In fact, we’ve been viewing content marketing for years, we just didn’t know it. Hollywood has produced some of the most successful marketing campaigns in history because they realize what sells: entertainment. People who are entertained hollywoodby advertisements are less likely to ignore them. Notice how television ads aren’t so much about communicating information anymore, they spend at least as much time putting on a show as they do marketing their product.

Tell a compelling story

The trick, according to contributor David Zaleski, is that Hollywood producers are experts in the art of storytelling. Case in point: the recent Super Bowl commercial people are still talking about featured the unlikely friendship between a dog and a horse. The commercial told a story, seeming to just incidentally mention that the horse pulled a Budweiser buggy.

Another brand which has mastered storytelling: Coca-Cola. One of their commercials which aired during primetime Olympics coverage was a love story with no dialogue. It presented a couple who went through courtship sharing Coca-Cola beverages with each other. Again, the focus was more on their relationship than what they drank, but viewers  couldn’t possibly miss that iconic Coca-Cola logo and bottle shape.

Christy Tanner, the SVP and General Manager of CBS Interactive Media, told Zaleski that “the line between content and advertising is already blurred” and the reason entertainment marketers have such success if because “[they] are marketing products that people actually want to learn about. They create compelling narratives in their marketing strategies.”

Convert viewers into advocates

Another secret to entertainment marketers’ success is their ability to convert casual viewers into passionate advocates. People who see and enjoy movie trailers are more likely to share their views with their friends. A similar effect could be had if other types of brands can make such positive connections with their consumers.

After all, said Zaleski, “There’s no doubt among marketers that the most powerful form of marketing is word-of-mouth. Achieving word-of-mouth marketing is the goal in Hollywood and should be the goal of content marketers in every industry.” The issue some people have with this notion is that businesses want customers, not fans. Zaleski contradicts this idea, however, saying, “If you create a fan base (whether they buy from you or not), you are creating walking advertisements for your brand’s message.”

Treat your fans well

Thus, the takeaway message is treating your fans well, whether they buy from you initially or not, is like investing in the future. You never know what kind of ripples effect enthusiastic fans will have on their friends’ and neighbors’ pocketbooks.


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