How to create engaging marketing content

It’s not enough to create large quantities of content, it has to be quality content to engage your readers.

Content that doesn’t interest or incite readers to act is useless. But how do you know if your content works? Does it need to be funny, exciting, shocking, anecdotal? Or something else entirely? Does funny content convince customers to buy your product or do they just laugh and move on? There is a whole plethora of details to wade through.

Good content is versatile

Forbes contributor Adryanna Sutherland explained it this way: “The fact is, marketing content is a schizophrenic creature. It has to convey various messages that prompt actions by buyers where and when they are in the decision-making process.” Content managers should keep the process a consumer goes through in mind as they create their content. There is no magical formula or incantation that convinces shoppers to convert to customers. It’s an incremental process that is loyalty-driven and influenced by cross-selling.

The consumer decision-making process

Realize, however, that over half of their decision journey is completed before they ever contact you. The Corporate Executive Board and Google jointly came up with statistics indicating that 57% of a customer’s decision-making process is done before the company even knows they’re interested. Today’s buyers want to be informed, so they’re out there looking for references, researching technical specs, deciding what they can and can’t live without, and ruling out options almost constantly.

Does this mean you have no say over that first 57%? Not necessarily. This is where quality content comes in that helps consumers make informed decisions. Sutherland said, “Prospects appreciate—no, they are desperate for—information that is appropriately informative to their own, self-actuated place in the buying process.” Thus, Sutherland suggested, “Think of other content that will resonate . . . when buying decisions are forming up.”

Informing your customers

Now, of course the best means of getting your content across to your consumers varies by how interested they are in your good or service. If they aren’t even considering you yet, you might grab their attention with social media where you can post deals and interesting infographics. More interested but still on the fence buyers will appreciate demonstrations, informative videos, and e-books that help make them more informed.

Making contact should be easy

Of course, after they’ve made a decision or are close to doing so, you need to make it easy for your customers to contact you. Even the most interested buyer will give up quickly if you don’t make the means of contacting you apparent. That’s where pay per call marketing can come in, making yourself more accessible by proliferating your image and contact information through affiliate websites.

Source: Forbes

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