Last ditch marketing efforts for Black Friday

This year, keeping up with Black Friday has been much more complicated than in the past.

In fact, it seems as if deals are just flying everywhere all the time. Retailers are competing like crazy to bring in more business, especially since we are losing a week between Thanksgiving and Christmas. What does this mean for you? It means you need to start working on your last ditch Black Friday efforts.

Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon War

It all started last week when Walmart announced it would be price matching a hundred items from other retailers online a week before Black Friday actually began, according to Source Newspapers. This announcement was quickly followed by Sears and Kmart announcing they would be selling their doorbusters online early as well. Best Buy, Target, Amazon, and pretty much all the other retailers quickly followed. All week, doorbuster-priced items have been selling fast online and in stores. It’s basically been a week of Black Friday deals already. The craziness of this price-matching war is already stressing most people out, but it’s great news for people who got everything they wanted and no longer have to go out in the cold to do their shopping.

What you can do

It may be hard to compete with the large retailers, but it may be worth your time to take a stand and stick with traditional Black Friday timelines. Almost no retailers are just sticking with the “doors closed and opening at 6:00 am” routine this year. Because people won’t be at the big stores at that time anymore, they will have the chance to make it to your store. Use social media and mobile advertising to get the word out about your sale as fast as possible.

Trying pay per call for services

Companies that don’t offer products to buy and just have services can do Black Friday deals too. Offer a discount for people who call in for more information with the pay per call system on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. The people advertising for you may push extra hard on that day, and you will get more calls by offering some sort of discount. Try it out and see how it goes. It couldn’t hurt since you only pay per lead, right?


Source Newspapers

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