Evolution of Marketing Strategy Used in 2013

Companies that spend a lot of time advertising on the web or getting business from their website will tell you that an online presence is key.

With the internet not being nearly as prevalent 20 years ago as it is today, there have obviously been huge changes in the way we advertise. That means you have to use a website if you want customers, and more than that, you need to find ways to get your customers to that site.

How it used to be

All advertising was print in the past. Magazines and newspapers were filled with ads from companies trying their hardest to get their name out. Having the yellow pages meant you could figure out who to hire for plumbing and where to go out to eat tonight. Billboards were a big deal, and telemarketing was much more common. Though all of these things are still being used to market companies, they are much less common.

How are things now?

Things are much different with the widespread use of the internet, including use on cell phones everywhere we go. So, since most people spend all day on the internet, you need to monopolize on the internet. Hardly anyone reads the newspaper or magazines anymore, and even if they do, it is online. There are many more options for people looking to advertise their business, but the most important thing is to have a good website. People won’t buy things from you unless your website looks legit.

What to do with your website

It is important that you market your company and market your website to get people there. Search Engine Journal points out that there are three very important aspects to marketing online in today’s ever-growing internet market. They include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing

Later, I will explain more in depth what each of these things are, but for now, just know you need to do them and that they are important. One way you can hit all of these things at once is through pay-per-call. By having someone else blogging about your product or service, you will be getting a lot of good content about your site on the web. That person will most likely also use social media to market for you, which means you can pretty much avoid that. On top of that, search engines will pick up your site more if many blogs are talking about you. Maybe you should try it out to get all the marketing you need in one easy shot, and you only have to pay if you get real leads! Sounds like a good deal to me!

Source: Search Engine Journal

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