Exploring how social marketing techniques will change in 2014

If you’re thinking about revamping the way you approach marketing this year and you haven’t yet established a significant presence on social media, it may be time to do so.

According to Holly Berkley, author of The Social Media Advantage: An Essential handbook for Small Business, this year “the social Web will have more impact than search-engine ranking.”

New algorithm, new rules

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What is driving this change? Several factors, including the new ways people are interacting with online content. With the proliferation of Facebook pages, Twitter posts, and Amazon reviews, people are getting more adept at getting their information from online sources, and if they don’t get that information from you, they’re still going to get it somewhere. Also, Google’s new algorithm, Hummingbird, is placing more importance on social media conversations. The more your service, product, or company is talked about, the higher ranking you’ll get.

Use analytic programs

Other social media platforms, like Instagram and Pinterest, are also throwing curve balls into the marketing mix, so it’s important to invest in a few analytic programs that will deduce which sites get you the most high quality traffic. This way you won’t be wasting time and money on strategies or platforms that don’t work for your customer demographic.

Focus on simplicity in design and content

You’ll also want to up your web page load times by focusing on simple design techniques. This is not to be confused with “simplistic” design, but rather a sophisticated means of communicating important information without a lot of static photos or interference from inconsequential content. David Ritter, the director of  Boston Consulting Group, said, “Communities that achieve a truly fundamental simplicity and utility will gain traction over those that are complex.”

He also said Simple wins the marketing game because, “It speeds adoption. Because attention spans are shorter than ever, immediate gratification and easy learning drive growth.” Also, “Simple translates better to mobile. Small screens need to be simple.”

Using pay per call marketing

One simple way of communicating with your audience is through pay per call marketing . This involves direct contact with your customers through an affiliate-based program that provides incentives to those who generate quality leads. It’s a simple way of direct communication and is a good means of spreading your name around more widely. Ritter said another way of implementing this technique is through concise messaging and engagement models. To do this, he said, you must “find the core of your value and explore ways to deliver it in minimal, targeted bursts.”

Source: INC

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