Facts for marketing to women

The first and most important part of any marketing campaign is to first identify your target audience. As a pay per call marketer, it is especially important that your blog identify a target audience and write specifically towards that audience that will actually be interested in calling to get more information on a service or product. One of the largest groups out there that you may have to advertise to is women, but how exactly can you go about marketing to women? Here are a few facts that you can use.

Advertising to a working woman

According to Forbes, 70% of women with children under the age of 18 are part of the US Labor Force. This means that you need to advertise not only to women, but to women who work. Women who work spend more money on themselves for clothing, food, accessories, and other things that are related to their work appearance. If advertising to women with young children, keep in mind that they likely work and are willing to spend a little money on themselves to look good at the office.

Advertising to a sole income-earner

Of those women who have children under 18, 40% of them are the sole-income provider for the family. Forbes points out that the sole provider of income determines what is a necessity vs what is a luxury. Make your product or service a necessity to these women, especially if you can do so in a way that makes their lives just a little easier. If it seems necessary, they will buy it.

Advertising to women without children

Studies have shown that women without children in their mid to late twenties actually make more money than men in the same positions. When choosing who to advertise to, it is important to advertise to those who can afford your product or services. As a pay per call blogger, it makes sense to advertise to young women over young men simply because they are, statistically, making more money than the men and are more likely able to afford the service or product.

Now, all that is left to do is determine which of these groups of women you are going to advertise to on your blog. Make sure and choose carefully, because you wouldn’t want to be offering babysitting services to the women who don’t have any children. Make sure you write to your audience and for your audience. Marketing to women can be easy, as long as you understand them and what they want.

Source: Forbes

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