Pay Per Call Features

Dynamic Call Routing

Our technology gets the right call to the right buyer. Every time. Being a group of seasoned affiliate marketers ourselves, we struggled to find a solution that did what we needed that didn’t include people punching numbers through an endless IVR. When we concluded that nothing existed,  we decided to build our own.

With Ring Router, you can start sending calls based on your campaign parameters, and our call routing technology does the rest. It just works. You’ll enjoy increased conversions and ease of campaign management.

Ring Router Benefits

Bid Price

We maximize revenue by sending calls to the buyer with the highest bid, and pass that on to affiliates


We handle call routing.  Just send your calls, and we will make sure they get answered at the highest possible rate, maximizing your EPC

Hours of Operation

Sales floors with less than ideal hours of operation are no longer a problem.  We can take calls 24/7 due to exclusive and preferred carrier relationships

More Awesome Features