Gaining and keeping a loyal audience

One-time buying customers are great, but it’s far better to win the allegiance of customers who will return again and again to purchase your product or service.

LoyalThe best ones will even tell their friends and do a bit of brand advertising for you. Creating such a customer is, however, difficult. You must provide information and goods with true value at a reasonable price.

Engender emotional investment

Danny Iny is an expert in this field with a number of books under his belt on the topic, including Ordinary Miracles: Harness the Power of Writing to Get your Point Across! and Engagement from Scratch! Apparently, one aspect of his strategy is excitement, judging by his use of exclamation points. Engagement in advertising, Iny says, “is about the deep emotional investment that people have in what you are doing.”

Apple as an example

Think about Apple’s customers. People who own Apple products are very brand loyal, unlikely to switch to other brands no matter how attractive new products seem. Apple users tend to think of their use of their products as part of their identity. They are part of the “Apple tribe.” Their loyalty isn’t just to the brand, but it’s to what the brand stands for. Iny said, “If the company were to betray the values they stand for, the response would be dramatic. They would feel like a friend had betrayed them.”

Rewards over time

To create that level of involvement and commitment, companies need to reward their customers with consistent high quality products and services over time. People aren’t automatically converted to your brand the first time they try it, they have to have a reason to come back, maintain that link, and eventually develop a sort of relationship that they can rely on. A good way to reward potential customers is through emailed sales and coupons, so a key to this strategy is providing the opportunity for people to share with you their name and email.

Iny explained, “To be a good email marketer, you need to have a double opt-in, a one click unsubscribe button and a high content-to-pitch ratio. You should offer a ton of value and ask for nothing in return.”

Another way to develop a relationship with customers is by being available to them when they need you. Pay per call marketing gets your brand name and contact information out there so people can discover you. Then you need to keep them with your quality services.

Source: Social Media Examiner

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