How To Get New, Loyal Customers

Every business has to spend time thinking about getting new customers. Where would your business be without new customers to replace those who you lose or new ones to expand your business? That is why it is so important for you to know how to gain new customers, and not just how to get them, but how to keep them loyal to your business or brand. Loyal customers will make a huge difference to how well your business does. Here are a few recommendations, thanks to Business News Daily, for getting and keeping your customers.

Start with a freebie

A lot of people look at a new restaurant with no intention of trying it. In fact, the only reason why most people will try something new is because a friend says it is good and brings them there. Otherwise, humans are creatures of habit and like to go to what they already know. Fortunately, you can get new business in by simply offering freebies. For example, you could offer a buy one get one free sandwich, but the best offer would simply be a free sandwich with no purchase necessary. If you really know your food is good, offer your customers a chance to try it for free and get them through the door.

Offer special events

One thing that people can always count on from Krispie Kremes is that once a year, the company offers a free donut to whoever comes in and talks like a pirate. It’s this kind of special offer on specific days that will make your customers really happy. It could be as simply as participating in Black Friday with a 50% off anything coupon every year or as complicated as giving away free chicken sandwiches once a year to customers who dress like a cow. Either way, doing something memorable and discounted once a year will bring in more customers and remind them who you are.

Find them online

One of the most important efforts your company can make to get new customers is to reach them on the internet. A lot of your new customers will be on the internet all day long, whether at work, school, or home. By reaching out to them online, you’ll be more likely to find the customers you want and need. One way to do this is through pay per call marketing. You pay someone else to do all the internet marketing for you and only pay them for every person who calls in to find out more about you. Not only will it be the fastest way to reach new customers, it could also lead to loyal customers who stay with you and recommend you to their friends.

Source: Business News Daily

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