Humanizing Your Business Will Drive Sales

One of the greatest ways to get new business is through word of mouth. It is definitely the best way possible to advertise because it makes your business more than just a blank-faced company. But another great way to get new customers is through humanizing your business. This can be easily done through social media, especially if you get your employees using social media on a regular basis.

The problem with social media now

The biggest problem with the way most people do social media advertising right now is that there is no interaction. According to The Next Web, this is mostly a problem because it hides your employees behind the cold face of a business. As most people are more likely to buy if it is from someone they know than from a perfect stranger, a cold business front isn’t going to be very successful.

What to do instead

Of course, the answer to fixing this problem is through humanizing your business. Your customers will suddenly realize there is a face to the company and that they are buying from real people, which makes it much more likely for them to buy and return again later. By using social media, you are allowing your employees to stand out on the different platforms and allowing for interaction with your customers. On top of that, someone is more likely to check out your Facebook page, for example, if one of their friends has already liked it. It is also why you are more likely to get customers calling in for more information about your business if they are being referred by someone who they trust who has a blog. Rather than just seeing an ad for what might interest them, they are literally being referred by a real person.

Getting your employees involved

It may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but you’ll have much more success by allowing more interaction with employees through social media. Not only will it allow you to more efficiently address problems being brought up on the social media sites, but it also helps a lot to show that you are a company full of people who like to have fun. Do this by posting pictures of company events and showing you are more than just a business but a group of people working together for the greater good. By making yourself look more real, you’ll have a lot more success and will drive sales like never before.

Source: The Next Web

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