Most important marketing trends to follow

Pretend you are out on the town for the night. You go to eat. You go dancing. You head to a bar. What do you see?

Sure, you will see a lot of people, but what will those people have? Cell phones. And not just any old phone they can use to make calls, but smart phones they can use to constantly stay connected. A phone without internet access is practically unheard of. As a small business, you should be focusing your efforts on the internet. All of your customers will be online, and more than likely, they will be viewing your site from their phones. Now, how can you get them to find you?

Marketing trends you should get on-board with

According to Forbes, there are 7 online marketing trends that you should follow in the coming year, but there are just a few I think should be highlighted more than others.

  1. Social Media Marketing – Obviously, your customers would much prefer to work with you in a place they feel more comfortable. Most of your customers use social media and would, therefore, prefer to talk to you through social media. If you can’t get on board, you may start missing out on valuable customers.
  2. Content Marketing – You want to be a place your customers can go for valuable information. Providing transparency in your business and gaining trust with your customers is the communication you need to stay in business.
  3. Make it simple – In a world where there is just too much information to really spend a lot of time figuring one thing out, make it simple. Your customers want to be able to get to the punchline without having to sit through the 15 minute joke. Do whatever you can to make it fast and easy, including adding more pictures.
  4. Make it mobile friendly – If they can’t see it on their phones, you might as well give up now. People want to be able to watch TV and browse sites online at the same time. Pulling out a computer is just too much work at that point. Instead, you should make it easy to access straight from their phones.

Most important step

Ad-targeting is the most important step to focus on. If you aren’t sending your ad to the right audience, you might as well give up. Target your ads to the right audience with pay-per-call advertising. Bloggers who have your audience will get paid every time someone calls you from their site, and they will promote it for you. You don’t have to do any work, and it is very targeted! Try it out and see if it helps you!

Source: Forbes

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