You can get involved in affiliate advertising

Affiliate advertising has given thousands of people a way to make money from home, but do you even know what it is?

It is an essential way for businesses to get clients. If you have a blog or website that does pretty well, you may want to consider doing it. You could make some extra cash.

What is affiliate advertising?

When you are living in an apartment complex, they may offer a deal where you get $100 off your rent for a month by referring someone to the complex. That is basically affiliate advertising. It is a way for businesses to pay you for giving them new customers. Businesses offer incentives to other businesses and individuals who give them referrals. Usually, this is done through pay-per-click advertising, where you get paid anytime someone clicks on the ad on your site. Unfortunately, someone would have to click the advertisement thousands of time before it would start to be worth it. Another option is pay-per-call, which leads to even more revenue.

What is pay-per-call?

When someone sees the ad on your page and calls the number on it, you will get paid. Obviously this is monitored, so you cannot get paid from one person calling in over and over, and the pay isn’t granted if the person making the call hangs up right away instead of actually talking to the rep. Since businesses that use this program are looking for quality leads that will actually turn into customers, it makes sense that you would only get paid if someone stays on the line for a certain length of time and talks to a rep. You will make over $10 for each lead that calls in, which is really good money if you can get 20 people a day to call in.

Bad rumors about affiliate advertising

Some people think affiliate advertising is like a pyramid scheme or doesn’t really work. The truth is that it does work! You will get paid for the leads you send in. As far as it being a pyramid scheme, the truth is that it would actually be bad for you to recommend your friends try affiliate advertising, according to Of course you want people calling in on the ad, but you don’t want them to become your competition and start taking the good customers away from you! Why not try it and see what you get? It can’t hurt!


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