When It Comes To IVRs in the Pay Per Market World, Less Is More

When it comes to IVRs and the pay per call marketing world, the old saying, “less is more” is very appropriate.

When used properly, IVRs are a great way to make sure the right leads reach the right buyers, but when used incorrectly, they are a great way to drive away traffic. IVRs have become the “forms” of the pay per call world. Many people use IVRs to collect information from clients before they are routed to buyers. But IVRs are not forms, they shouldn’t be used to collect data, they should just be used to direct calls to the appropriate buyers.

By building fewer questions into your IVR, you will see your conversion rate go up. This is because people have become jaded by machines answering their calls. It reminds them of the terrible service they receive from institutions who use machines to take calls and never allow customers to reach a live person. Most people will hang up after the second or third question. The percentage of people who will hang up grows exponentially with every question after that. If you are concerned about bogus calls, it may be easier and smarter to just ask one simple question to “Verify” and screen the call. Too many questions will also irritate the caller, so they will be less receptive to the sales process. People who are in a good mood are more likely to buy than those who start the conversation already frustrated. Remember, if the person buying your lead can’t close the sale consistently, they will stop buying your leads.

IVRs should be designed intelligently so the caller will be connected to a buyer as soon as possible. Remember, to achieve the highest conversion rate possible, IVRs should just be used to screen calls and not to gather information.


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