Keys to content marketing: stop being perfect

You would think that the best way to get your site up on Google to get more customers would be to have the most perfectly well-written work out there.

The truth is that your customers want real people, not robots. When it comes to content marketing, perfection may be letting your stuff slide here and there.

Psychological, not financial

Forbes points out that the biggest challenge company faces when working on content marketing is not financial; it is psychological. If you are too afraid to make a mistake, either nothing will get done or everything will come out randomly with no real plan. This can hurt your marketing quite a bit because if there is nothing or sporadic content posted, it will really hurt your image and drop your rating on Google. Here are a few of the biggest problems Forbes points out with content marketing:

  1. You keep doing the same thing, but it just isn’t working.
  2. Company news is rarely posted instead of keeping your customers constantly informed.
  3. Blog posts are over a thousand words when, in reality, nobody wants to read a post that long.
  4. You never post the video interviews you have worked hard on.

Getting past the content perfection problem

The best way to get started is to get a plan put together, according to Forbes. If you are struggling with confidence and need help getting started, you need a plan. After you have created a content plan, then you will need to be okay with feedback. Even if someone writes a horrible, nasty review of the article, at least you put it out there. It does not mean you failed and, in fact, means you are doing well if there has been a lot of people reading the article. The most important thing to remember is that you need a steady flow of content. If you aren’t regularly updating your blog and posting content, you may not be considered reliable anymore, and your audience wants to read from a reliable source.

Being a “real person” blogger

If you are trying to make money off a blog, you have to follow these same rules. You have to post constantly, or your readers won’t have a reason to keep checking your blog. Don’t be perfect. They want to read from a real person with real opinions and real problems. A mistake here and there is acceptable and shows you are human. Then get signed up for pay-per-call, so you can make money whenever someone calls the number on your ad.



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