What kind of marketing should you use?

Every company comes to a point when they need to sit down and figure out exactly who is in their target audience and how that audience responds to marketing.

If you really want to reach your customers, you need to figure out how they will better respond. And every business is different because every audience is different. That is why you need to stop and decide what is right for your company and how you can best market your products or services.

Digital or traditional?

This is the question Entrepreneur asks when looking at marketing, and it is probably something you are wondering about too. Everyone is pushing online marketing, but is that really the best way to go? Though traditional marketing has always worked in the past, it can’t hurt to add some online social media. Maybe this means expanding your audience slightly, but it allows for broader communication and more opportunities to market.

To answer your question about which market to choose, it does depend on your business, but you will also want to use both. Traditional marketing allows you to reach some customers that don’t use social media whereas social media marketing and everything online allows you to get to customers you never knew existed. You will also have more opportunities to connect with your customers by talking to them directly with online advertising. Both of these things have their benefits, and one business may use more of one than another, but they are both equally important to a good marketing strategy.

The one exception

The only place this may not apply is to businesses that are all online. If you need someone to go to your website to buy anything, there is no brick-and-mortar store, and you don’t plan to meet many of your clients in person, you will probably want to stick with an all-online routine. If everything you do is online, it wouldn’t be a whole lot of help to do traditional advertising.

Pay per call is best

The best way to go, for everyone, is with pay per call marketing. With pay per call, you let other people figure out how to market best to your audience, and you only pay them when you get a real lead calling your company for more information. And other people will want to work hard to market because they want the cash that comes when they get you a lead. Getting customers doesn’t have to be so hard if you pay per customer. If you have a good product or service, the new customers will also keep coming back. It works out well for everyone.



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