Using LinkedIn for content marketing

The original purpose of LinkedIn was to create a professional network to make it easier for you to find a new job.

linkedinThat purpose has since been changed as LinkedIn is trying to be more of another social media outlet. Companies looking to build their reputation online now have to work on posting not only to their blogs and multiple social media accounts. They are now expected to post content on LinkedIn regularly. But LinkedIn has made it a little easier to determine whether or not your content marketing is really working.

A new content marketing calculator on LinkedIn

What do you think it would take to determine whether or not your content has been successful? According to Tech Crunch, there are many factors that go into determining your Klout score on LinkedIn. The site’s new Klout tool will give you a score that ranks your content based on whether or not your target audience is actually reading your posts and looking at the information your company posts online. More or less, it shows you how many LinkedIn users are in your target audience and how many of them actively check out the content you are posting. This helps you determine whether or not your content is actually doing anything for you and how certain types of posts affect the activity of your target audience.

Picking an audience

You might be wondering how LinkedIn could possibly know what audience you are targeting. Luckily, you get to tell them. You get to pick exactly what kind of audience you want to reach, and that is the group that will be analyzed. Of course this means determining your audience ahead of time. You have to figure out what area you are working in, the industry, what type of people you want to purchase your product or service. Deciding on your audience will make a huge difference in all your marketing strategies.

Strategizing based on activity

Knowledge is power, and in this case, knowing exactly how many people are interested in what your company has to say gives you the power to change your strategy. The more you analyze how your audience is affected by what you are posting, the better off you are in trying to create content. The other thing LinkedIn will be offering with this service is a list of topics your target audience is interested in hearing about. Though that kind of thing is available on other sites, it will help you know exactly what to do on LinkedIn.

Source: Tech Crunch

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