Make Money For Your Charity With Affiliate Marketing

Everyone thinks affiliate marketing is just for fashion bloggers or political blogs, but did you know that affiliate marketing can make your charity money? Sometimes, we get so caught up in how individuals can make money that we forget there are charities and non-profit organizations out there who can bring in just as much money, if not more, than the individuals.

Schools working to make money

One example brought to us by Practical eCommerce is for a school. A public school has a built-in following of parents, teachers, and the community. Typically, they already have a website of some sort that keep all these people up to date on what is going on in the school. The PTA, which may need money to supply the school with everything it needs, could recommend certain products or services and let people know they will get a percentage of the sales. It is even better if it is through pay per call because each of those leads will bring in more money. For businesses, it is a great deal because people will use a specific service or product knowing that the school is getting some money back. And it is great for the school because they will a lot of extra cash from loyal community members trying to help them but without actually having to do any hard fundraisers such as selling candy bars or entertainment books.

Keeping your charity afloat

Though you may not want to completely replace the other methods of earning money for your charity, earning money through affiliate marketing can make a huge difference to how much is being brought in. With pay per call, you are able to make a lot of money quickly by simply allowing your followers to get products or services they were already going to get and letting them know your charity will benefit. And in the off months when you aren’t able to have as much success, you should be able to get extra cash to keep things running.

Why you should choose pay per call

You may be wondering why pay per call would be a better option than pay per click. The great thing about pay per call is that you can get around $20 every time someone calls in to the business for more information rather than the pennies you get when people click an ad on your site. Just remember that you’ll be able to do a lot more good with the added contributions of pay per click affiliate marketing.

Source: Practical eCommerce

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