Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever wondered what an affiliate marketer is or how they make money? Because if you have a website with a pretty good following or are thinking about starting up a political or fashion blog, then you might be able to make money with affiliate marketing too. An affiliate marketer is someone who uses their own websites to redirect customers to another business, and the business, in return, pays for the leads. Here are a couple of ways you can use your website to become an affiliate marketer and make some extra cash.

Types of affiliate marketing

The most common form of affiliate marketing is pay per click marketing. Basically, you put ads on your site, and whenever someone clicks the ad and goes to the 3rd party business’s site, you get paid. Unfortunately, this isn’t really the best form of affiliate marketing because you get only a percentage of a penny for every time someone clicks the ad. Another way to do this is to ask companies to pay you to write a review for them. Though you have to have a pretty good following for that to work out, it might be helpful. The best way to do affiliate marketing, however, is through pay per call. You can just put an ad on the side of your site if you want or you can go as far as to promote the company specifically throughout your blog posts. Either way, the idea is that you promote the business, and they pay you every time a new customer calls in for more information.

Why is pay per call better?

The reason why it is so much better to use pay per call over other affiliate marketing options is that you’ll get paid as much as $22 for every person who calls the number on your site and talks to a representative at the business. That will add up way faster than the hundreds of thousands of clicks you’d need to get to make that much money. You might be asking why a business would pay so much more for a phone call than for a click. Truthfully, a phone call with a real person is worth a lot to a business, even if that person doesn’t end up buying their services. A click to a website might mean business, but it also is very likely someone accidentally clicked the link and left, or they take a second to look at the site and leave. Whatever you choose, you’ll be able to make some money by working with affiliate marketing.


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