Make sure your affiliate marketing efforts support your brand

An affiliate marketing campaign can be a great way to increase brand awareness and drive sales. When done right, it’s an extremely effective way to increase web traffic in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, the same things that make affiliate marketing so great can work against you if you’re not careful. An affiliate marketing campaign that’s done wrong can result in a lot of bad publicity fast. Here are some tips for making sure that your affiliate marketing campaign is helping your brand rather than hurting it.

Affiliate programs should fit with your brand

Think of your affiliates as an extension of your own brand. Building a good brand is about consistency. If your affiliate’s representation of your brand doesn’t match up with your brand, it will hurt your brand’s image. There are a few things you can do to make sure that your affiliate programs fit with your brand:

  • Make sure the affiliate program’s page is visually similar to your website
  • Make sure content on affiliates’ sites is in line with your own content; the tones should be similar
  • Any updates to brand elements like logos and colors should be updated on affiliates’ sites as well

Choose your affiliates wisely

Think of your affiliates like salespeople. You wouldn’t hire people for your sales team if you didn’t know anything about them. You’d want to make sure your sales team consisted of people that were capable of representing your brand in the best possible light. The same goes for your affiliate partnerships. Make sure you have studied potential affiliate partners well. Visit their sites, know who their target audience is. Make sure they will be reaching your target audience.

Your affiliates should be on the same page

Too often, an affiliate partnership that was off to a great start falls apart when they fail to keep in contact. Poor communication between affiliates can result in perceived inconsistencies within your brand. As a merchant, you need to make sure you remain in contact with affiliates. Keep them in the loop about developments in your brand as they happen. The more they know what’s going on with your brand, they better they can market for you. If they’re displaying banners for winter wear in the summer though, then they won’t be driving much traffic your way.

If you take care to choose your affiliates wisely, keep them up to date on developments in your brand, and watch that your affiliates’ sites are in line with yours, you will experience greater success from your affiliate marketing efforts.

Source: Feed Front

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