Making extra cash for Christmas with pay-per-call on your blog

It is the middle of September, and I have already seen Christmas decorations for sale.

I guess that means it is about time to start setting cash aside to pay for the holidays. Those of us living on a fairly tight budget might find it more difficult than others. There usually isn’t a lot of extra cash sitting around, so what are your options?

Get a part-time job

One option is that you could get a part time job on the side to make enough money to pay for the holidays. According to Bloomberg, right now is the perfect time to get a job working at Walmart if you want some extra cash on the side. Many of the employees are just going from part-time to full-time to make up for the work, so there may not be a whole lot of extra jobs available. There are many other retailers looking to hire for the holiday season, too. Just get out there and start looking. Right now is the perfect time to apply for these positions.

Try pay-per-call blogging

An even better option is to use pay-per-call programs on your blog. All you have to do is post the ad on your blog, and anytime someone calls the number on the link, you can get over $10. Think, if you can just get 10 people a day to call the number, you will be making over $36,000 a year! That is more than just petty cash for Christmas. It might even be enough that you can start working only from home. Ten people a day isn’t an unrealistic goal; people with great blogs get hundreds of views a day. What’s a few phone calls?

Getting started

First you need to have a blog. After you start your blog, you need to make sure you post every day to get viewers. Just make sure you have a niche market you are focusing on and that you are interactive with your audience. Then you need to sign up to do pay per call, and post the ad on your blog. After that is a waiting game! If you really want to get cash fast for the holidays, you can write a whole blog post encouraging people to try the product, and maybe then you will get even more calls!

Why not try it out and see? It can’t hurt.

Source: Bloomberg

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