Making Twitter work for you

If you aren’t sure what the difference between Twitter and Facebook is, here’s an explanation:

Twitter is basically a status update where you are limited to 140 characters in order to express yourself. Facebook encompasses more of a profile idea. Twitter allows you to create a one-on-one conversation with customers. If you’re wondering how prolific Twitter is, it’s estimated there are 347,000 tweets every minute.


If you can create a catchy enough message, imagine how quickly that could travel, spreading your brand name with it. The attendant problem, of course, is that with that immense volume of content being passed every moment, it’s difficult to get yourself heard at all.

Setting the right tone

Huffington Post writer and marketing consultant Brian Honigman has come up with a few ideas about how to monetize your Twitter account. He said, “Twitter is a platform for establishing leverage with your audience and the social community at large.” Do you want to be perceived as trendy? Professional? Knowledgeable? The tone you take in your Twitter posts can affect what your audience expects from you.

Provide valuable content

Honigman also said, “By consistently providing valuable content and ongoing dialogue with your audience, you’ll begin to build their trust and establish a relationship with them.” To be consistent, you’ll need to update your Twitter feed daily and respond to any interaction customers have with you. Long-term, the goal of a successful Twitter account is “to educate, delight, and humanize your brand for your audience.”

To provide valuable content, come up with what solutions your products provide to common problems faced by your customers. Come up with ways to start a discussion and always provide a link to your products or services. Ideally, keep your tweets simple, omitting a lot of hashtags or rich media. They distract from the message you’re trying to impart.

How to use photos and videos

If your goal is different and you want merely to familiarize your customers with your brand or what services you provide, a picture is worth 140 words. Honigman explained, “Photos and videos are more effective at highlighting the value of your offerings and are far more likely to help drive sales from Twitter in the long-term.”

Source: Huffington Post

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