Marketing automation yields increased lead conversion

Some marketing professionals still believe that marketing is a one way street: from the company to the consumer. And the nature of many traditional marketing campaigns are such that there isn’t much room for two-way communication. People can’t interact with a billboard or a television commercial. That’s where online marketing comes in. People can share YouTube videos, post pictures, write reviews, whether you’re addressing those desires or not. So it’s better if you can be there digitally, making sure whatever takeaway message they get from your product or service or website is a good one.

Defining automation

One way to help online customers feel like their needs are being attended to is through automation. Incite New Business, a UK marketing company, specializes in this type of marketing. One of the marketers, Lauren Heap, said Incite “defines marketing automation as the use of software platforms to automate marketing campaigns across multiple channels.” This service helps personalize marketing so that customers feel like their needs are being specifically catered to.

“With marketing automation,” said Heap, “marketing is delivered based on a customer’s behavior, giving a highly personalized experience tailored to where the customer is in the purchase cycle.” And the software learns and personalizes itself more effectively the more a user navigates a site.

Highly efficient results

And by all accounts, it works. In fact, according to Heap, “Companies with marketing automation have 107% better lead conversion rate; 40% greater average deal size; 30% higher team attainment of quota, and 17% better forecast accuracy.” Why is it so effective? It is instant communication, which is precisely what people crave these days where instant gratification is so rampant.

Lead nurturing

Another way to look at marketing automation is through its role in lead nurturing. For instance, a website that makes purchase suggestions based on a site visitor’s past browsing history will improve its chances of the client making another purchase. A single purchase does not a loyal customer make, but repeat purchases can.

Heap is a great proponent of this type of lead nurturing. She explained, “Nurtured leads make 47% larger purchases than non-nurtured leads, and companies that automate lead management see a 10% or greater increase in revenue in six to nine months.” Follow-up emails after purchases, interest surveys and personalized emails all help with lead nurturing.

Pay per call marketing

One way to vet a lead before they’ve even made contact with you is through pay per call marketing, also known as affiliate marketing. Through this type of advertising, your company is paired with a blog or website that sells complementary products or has similar interests. They advertise your contact information, but only get paid if they find quality leads. That way, you filter out the people who are merely curious and only spend time on people truly interested.

Source: IT Web

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