Marketing after bad press

The best way to market your business is through word of mouth.

The biggest problem with word of mouth marketing? The fact that bad news travels faster than good news. That means you may have to spend a good portion of your marketing campaign on damage control. This is something a lot of fast food restaurants may need to do after today if they are going to keep their loyal, hungry customers for another day.

News of strike

Strikes are one of the worst things a company can deal with. All the sudden, your customers become a part of all your company’s problems and they know exactly how things have been going with all your employees. They don’t want to come to a business they consider abusive or cruel. The fast food industry is dealing with strike that will come as a blow to a lot of the restaurants trying to stay open during the holiday season, according to the Washington Post. And what do these workers want? $15 an hour wages. In some states, it may not seem too unrealistic to increase a few dollars, but other states that have a minimum wage around 7 or 8 dollars might feel a little threatened by it. After all, how can a company afford to keep selling you cheap food if they are paying their workers almost twice what they pay right now?

Damage control for restaurants

This can get pretty tricky. Deciding how to handle the situation, in and of itself, is a challenging task, but then trying to get good marketing out about your company can be even harder. You will have to decide whether or not to give your employees a raise based on their strike, which is a political battle you will have to fight on your own. If you do decide to give them a raise, focus on that in the media. Talk about how you didn’t realize how negatively affected your workers were until they went to extremes to show you. Make it seem like you are extremely empathetic to your employees and the poor situations they are in. If you can’t afford to give raises to everyone but would like to go that route, offer other kinds of benefits, such as free meals or higher discounts. Then focus on how you couldn’t afford to pay higher wages but wanted to take care of your workers with added bonuses.

If you decide not to offer any kind of raise or react to the situation at all, you will want to completely avoid discussing the situation. Focus on charity events you are participating in or holiday advertising. It is amazing how fast your customers will get over something negative when you offer a new discount or delicious new food product.


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