Marketing like Beyonce: Easy as Pie

Beyonce just released an album that made all her fans go a little crazy.

Her marketing technique, though, is a new kind of idea. And maybe it is something you should try out. With absolutely no marketing at all, and in fact going the extra mile to avoid releasing information, you could end up with a smash sensation like Beyonce did.

Beyonce and her no-talk album

Beyonce just released a new album, and nobody knew it was coming. Almost every time something is released, there’s advertisements leading up to it or at least “leaked” information about it. This is especially true in the music industry. You would have thought someone would have let it out that she was releasing a new album, but apparently nobody realized it was happening. Instead, she just released it and let the album speak for itself. She didn’t have to market her album before releasing. Word of mouth worked best for her, and it can work best for you.

Marketing with a word of mouth plan

Instead of making a big fuss about your company and spending thousands to market it, you could make a lot of money by simply letting other people do it. Of course, this means you first have to offer a really great product that people want to talk about and then have to somehow get it out there. Beyonce just had to release it, but if you are releasing products as a brand new company with no current customer base, you probably won’t get the same kind of reaction. If people don’t already know you exist, they aren’t going to spend time searching for new products and services.

Use pay per call to spread the word

With Beyonce, her fan base is pretty built in at this point. She can get away with not marketing her album and people will find it and talk about it. Your company, however, probably needs to get people started on talking first. The best way to do this would be to use pay per call marketing. Basically, you pay other people to do everything for you. And the best part? You only actually pay money when you get people calling your company for more information. It is the quickest and easiest way to get new customers, and you don’t have to waste a ton of money on marketing campaigns that you hope will work.


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