Marketing disruptors to watch for in 2014

In 2014, we can expect advancing technology to have a significant impact on how marketing works, how marketers reach their customers, and how customers view marketing campaigns.

market disruptionHowever, savvy marketing directors will also prepare for the unexpected by keeping their eyes on what refers to as “marketing disruptors.” These include companies that have billions of dollars invested in advertising, and are thus able to innovate more easily, and new companies looking to get attention through ambitious marketing ploys.


Joseph Tam, the senior director of MEC North America, counseled marketers to watch LinkedIn for cues. Though Facebook is undoubtedly the ruler of social networking, LinkedIn is its counterpart in professional networking. This supremacy, Tam said, “leaves [LinkedIn] unimpeded in its pursuit to amass the world’s most comprehensive database of companies, jobs, and talent, including their skills and their connections.” As more companies come to recognize this prevalence, we can expect to see more mature, evolved advertising appearing on its web pages. LinkedIn content marketing will be more and more creative and sophisticated until it resembles Facebook more closely.


Amazon is another market innovator marketers should keep an eye on. This year we can expect to see them continuing to diversify their offerings. CEO Jeff Bezos recently jokingly said they’re looking into developing a fleet of delivery drones that could deliver packages to customers within thirty minutes of their online purchase. Though this won’t be happening any time soon, Bezos does have ambitious goals for the future. Tam said, “Prime Air is just the latest indication that Amazon has no plans to remain content being just the world’s largest e-tailer.” Among other things, Amazon will likely expand their AmazonFresh services, which is an online grocery delivery service, and their on-demand streaming service.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker is a glimpse into the future. It started out selling affordable, stylish eyeglasses entirely online and has now opened five retail locations around the nation. However, these haven’t been just any brick and mortar stores. Tam said the stores themselves are “laden with technology such as sensors and Wi-Fi that track how customers browse, try on and shop for products throughout the retail layout.” Rumor has it Google and Amazon may follow suit in the coming years.

Source: Forbes

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