The best marketing towards a target audience

It would be really nice if you could put out a sign saying your business is open and all the sudden have plenty of business.

It would be nice if everyone would shop with you. Unfortunately, there is too much competition and too many different kinds of people out there to really make that happen. That is why it is so important to pick a target audience. Any successful business will tell you that the most important part of selling a product or service is picking the right audience. If you are selling cat food to dog lovers, obviously there will not be much of a sale. So, what is your audience?

Start by narrowing your options

According to Morning Star, you need to start by narrowing down the audience that you will do business with. Say, for example, you are selling house-cleaning services. Look at the demographic of people who might actually buy house-cleaning services. It will be people who like things to be neat and cannot or will not do it for themselves. That means your target audience may be older or disabled, if they cannot do it themselves, or they have very demanding schedules with work, such as successful businesspeople.

Unfortunately, that may still be too big of an audience. Try and pick one or the other. Say you decide that you really want to offer house cleaning services to people who are physically incapable of doing it themselves. Now you have narrowed yourself down to the disabled and elderly. This is a good place to start

What to do with audience

Next, you need to figure out how you will market to that audience. One really great way to market is with affiliate advertising. Obviously, it is much better if you can get someone else to sell that product for you. You can do this yourself by finding bloggers who have a following with your target audience and pay them to endorse the product. This can only go so far though and doesn’t guarantee you’ll get more business.

Another option is to do pay-per-call. You don’t have to do any of the work, and you only pay when you actually get a new customer. This will also be targeted toward your specific audience to try and get more sales. It is a guaranteed way of getting extra business and bringing in new customers. With this kind of advertising, there is no hard part. You let someone else do all the work.

Source: Morning Star

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