Marketing Through Video: Is It For You?

As your business gears up for the biggest holiday season yet, you might be wondering how videos can impact your customers. Some companies have a lot of success with the right marketing videos, and some companies end up losing customers over bad marketing. After all is said and done, some people wonder if the video did anything for them. The good news is that a marketing video can go a long way to putting your company’s name out there and bringing in business, especially if you do it the right way. And what’s even better is that releasing it on YouTube can have just as much of an impact, if not more, than paying to release it on TV. Here are a few recommendations on producing a holiday marketing video, thanks to ReelSEO.

Consider what holidays your customers celebrate

Unless your target audience is people who celebrate Christmas, there’s a good chance it isn’t the only holiday your audience celebrates. Be conscious of your audience and replace Christmas with Holiday season whenever possible. Nobody wants to be told to put up a Christmas tree, but they are more than happy to buy gifts for friends and family during the holiday season no matter what specific holiday they celebrate. Keep your video focused on the fun of the season rather than on one specific holiday.

Get your video published early

Especially if you are using affiliate marketers using pay per call to try and get you new customers, you’ll want to get the video published early. The sooner it is out there, the sooner people will see it and the sooner your affiliate marketers can use it on their sites to promote your business. Your bloggers who are advertising for you through pay per call can use your video to introduce your brand while giving a personal recommendation for use. This will boost the calls you get drastically.

Choosing between tears and laughter

You can either produce a video that hits emotion really hard or one that gets people laughing. Because both of these are strong emotions, you’ll be able to have success by using them. Be extra careful with ads that hit emotion though. More often than not, a nice sentiment ends up hurting someone’s feelings. You’ll typically have more success with humor than with tears. Either way, the right video marketing could make all the difference to your holiday shopping success.

Source: ReelSEO

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