Marketing tricks for mobile devices

mobile-devicesMobile devices are just as ubiquitous as laptop and desktop computers in our modern era, so companies need to jump on the band wagon or they’ll get left in the dust.

In fact, a recent Nielsen report analyzing global information data bases discovered, “The average smartphone user in the U.S. spends over 60 hours a week consuming content on their mobile device.” If your website isn’t mobile device- compatible, they won’t be spending an iota of that time on your site.

Spread around the eggs

Really effective ad campaigns for mobile devices will utilize a variety of approaches. Savvy marketing directors already live by the adage, “Don’t put all your eggs in the same basket.” Diversification is key to reach the widest swath of your potential audience. Some features include real-time bidding, ad-serving, pixel tracking, and native ads.

Effective data analysis

To discover which approach works best for your company and your particular audience, data analysis is key. Use some type of detailed user matrix to discover which campaigns generate the most click-throughs, lead generation, and sales conversions. Once you look through the data, you can profile your users and tailor your strategies to appeal to your customer base.

Pixel tracking

Pixel tracking is a popular retargeting option, according to Vaibhav Gupta, a writer for the UK’s Business Daily. He explained, “This allows advertisers to track a user’s online movement adn reveals appropriate ads to increase conversions. For example for incomplete transactions, a user can receive promotions for similar products to the one they chose not to buy.”

Cross device and cross platform advertising

A good way to efficiently use your marketing money is through cross device advertising. This offers the same type of ad to desktop users as mobile users so they have a consistent experience no matter where they are. Cross platform advertising is useful as well because your ads will appear no matter whether users are using iOS, Windows, or Android.

Gupta also said, “These exciting and new innovations are making the mobile advertising market much more exciting, powerful, and most importantly, efficient, and I am delighted to be innovating in this industry at this exciting time.”

Source: Business Daily

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