Marketing vs. Advertising: Is there a difference?

When you hear the words marketing and advertising, you probably think of the exact same thing.

In fact, you might even use those words interchangeably because, well, you don’t know any better. But the truth is, there is a big difference between marketing and advertising, and we are about to discover just what that is right now.

Start with advertising

One thing that is important to note is that you can have advertising without much marketing, but you certainly cannot get away with a marketing plan without some sort of advertising. More or less, advertising is when you put an ad in a newspaper or on a billboard. It is the non-personal act of posting information of your company to potential or current customers, according to

What about marketing

Marketing, however, involves much more work and effort. Instead of just posting an ad and hoping it works, it is a whole strategy to bring in new or existing customers. It involves strategic planning and more of a personal approach where relationships are formed. Without marketing, advertising would be lost at sea. Basically, an advertising is just one small part of a marketing plan. When you put together a marketing plan, it involves deciding on an audience, researching that audience, determining the kind of advertising you want to use for that audience, carrying out the advertisements, and analyzing the results with follow ups to all customers.

Really, advertising is just the way you present your marketing plan to all your customers, whereas marketing means you are going through the whole approach to ensure you get new customers from all your hard work.

Does it even matter?

Some people are wondering why it even matters. Why do people care when you use one word instead of the other? Most people don’t care. In fact, you probably will find few who know the difference themselves. However, you may quickly lose business and credibility with those who do know the difference by using the wrong terminology. Keeping your trust and credibility with customers is essential to keep them coming back. And knowing the difference can help you more strategically market to your customers. Without both things, you won’t be able to do much to convince your customers to come back. By understanding both are necessary and understanding how to do them, you are going to be much more successful in getting information out about your business and bringing in new customers.


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