Marketing by word of mouth

As a small business, you may be looking for ways to market the product.

You could buy ad space on a billboard or settle for Google ads. You could hand out a coupon or sponsor a sports team. There are plenty of ways to advertise, but the real way you get more business is by word of mouth. According to CNN Money, word of mouth works because people want to be referred by someone they know and trust. How do you get word of mouth going though?

Few steps to follow

Here are just a few important things to start with when trying to get people talking about your business.

  1. Create an amazing product/service needed in the market. Nobody wants to buy something they don’t need, or at least they don’t think they need. It needs to be innovative.

  2. Offer that product/service for a discount. You may be making hardly anything when you first start, but that’s how you can get business. At the very least, you need to be cheaper than the other guys.

  3. Offer free services to friends and family to get them talking. You can get a lot of people talking by offering the product free to people you know and love. And it never hurts your relationship either.

  4. Keep it up. Money will be really tight for a while, but if people are trying out your product and really love it, you will end up with return business. Make sure your service is great and that people want to come back to you.

There is one more really important thing you need to do to get your business off the ground.

The most important step

Pay them. The biggest incentive in this world is money. If you are willing to offer money for people who drive business to your company, then people will spend time talking about it. The problem is, paying someone to put your ad on their page may not drive in business, and if you pay per click, you may end up paying for someone to spend hours clicking on the ad. Just because the ad is there doesn’t mean people will actually talk about it or become customers.

The best way to do it is to pay per call. You would only have to pay if someone actually calls your business and gives you information. It is a real lead and much cheaper, in the end, than trying other forms of advertising. Pay everyday people to get you leads, and they will start talking with everyone they know. Try it out at


CNN Money

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