Marketing in the new year: 2014

In just a couple of weeks, we will be in the new year, and that means change is going to come.

Whether you are preparing your company for big changes or having to deal with changes from others, you can expect it. Right now, things are slowing down at most businesses (with the exception of retail), which means you have a chance to sit down and figure out your new marketing strategy for the new year. Here are a few tips for marketing in 2014.

A few predictions

Deciding what you want to do for marketing may have a lot to do with the future marketing trends. Forbes points out a few different trends for 2014 you should consider when building your plan. Here are a couple of the main points:

  • More interaction: In 2014, you will need to interact with your customers if you want to keep them coming. Companies are more focused on the products they provide than helping customers, and the new year will mean you need to start focusing more on helping customers. Empathize with your customers, and develop a relationship.
  • Fill a need: Instead of focusing so much on your product, start trying to figure out how your product feels the needs and wants of your customer. Focus on those needs and wants to get more customers in the door.
  • Everything in check: The basic idea is that everything can’t be good externally if it isn’t already good internally. Your business needs to be taking care of and communicating with employees first before expecting to be able to do that with customers. In 2014, more businesses will be focusing on internal checks to clean things up so they look good on the outside too.
  • The perfect balance: Your marketing strategy will have to find a balance between bringing customers what they want and selling more product. Most companies focus on two of three things: great products, great service, and low price. It seems like they can’t do it all. In 2014, companies will focus on trying to create a better balance between these three things to help bring in more business and better discounting while still offering a great product.

Pay per call trend

One trend that Forbes forgot to mention was the pay per call trend. In 2014, more businesses are going to switch to pay per call instead of pay per click. It costs a little more, but the extra cost incentivizes people to advertise for you. There is nothing more powerful than word of mouth advertising, and that is exactly what you get with pay per call.



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