Measuring the scope of marketing in 2014

IT Marketing World as released the results of its most recent research, the 2014 Digital Technology Marketing Priorities Report.

Over 150 marketing professionals submitted the feedback analyzed in the report so that researchers could determine the current trends, strengths, and weaknesses of digital marketing.

Lead generation and content marketing make top priorities

PRNewswire summarized these findings into six areas. First, Marketing World found, “The top digital marketing researchpriorities in 2014 are brand awareness/demand generation, lead generation and content marketing, well ahead of marketing analytics and marketing automation.” One way companies are pursuing lead generation is through pay per call marketing. They partner with affiliates who post ads for the company’s product or service and then keep track of where new leads come from. Affiliates are paid for qualified leads and the companies get the benefit of a wider spread marketing.

Content generation cited as top challenge

Digital marketers are also facing  a number of challenges this year. The top ones are ROI (return on investment), content generation, and lead nurturing. Content generation is perhaps central to the two other problems, as it usually involves some amount of investment and quality content can help inform your customers about your product.

Nurturing leads

Lead nurturation is critical, but Marketing World said, “A whopping 41% of technology marketers do not nurture leads at all; among the 59% of marketers who do, an overwhelming majority cite lack of bandwidth as their top challenge.” To nurture a lead means you provide more information, reasons why your service is best, incentive to try it or to switch to it, and consistent contact with the customer so they aren’t lost in the shuffle.

Content marketing

Content marketing was rated as the most successful marketing tactic, though it must be done with circumspection and a detailed knowledge of how SEO works. IT Marketing World also found that “there is a relatively balanced split between paid media, owned media, and earned media,” which refer to, respectively, online advertising, corporate website content, and social media.

Some budget growth expected

Finally, the study found that about a third of marketers expect their budgets to grow in the coming year, which points to confidence in marketing success rates from last year. Half of technology marketers expect no change and just 14% expect a budget decrease.

Source: Sacramento Bee

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