One method of marketing: fuel haters

One of the key ingredients to marketing is to get people talking about you, whether that is in the media or on the internet.

For some people, this means getting bad information out there to get people talking. Have you ever heard the saying “no publicity is bad publicity?” Well the same goes as a business. Though it’s alway better to have good publicity, having bad publicity means you are still getting talked about, and that is good news.

A few examples

One example of this was an eye glass company that got to the top of Google a couple of years ago. The company had horrible customer service and purposefully screwed over all its customers. The people who usually will write about you are the ones who complain, and haters are always much louder than lovers. Since people were talking about the company all over the internet, the Google algorithm translated that into a good company people are looking for. Then, anyone who searched for eyeglasses would get to this company, fueling more content on the web. Though Google realized the mistake and changed its methods since then, it is a great example!

Another way is the way Miley Cyrus went about it at the recent VMAs. Her performance was disgusting and outraged thousands of people. Very few people were excited about her performance on the stage. However, according to the Huffington Post, people are still talking about here. She is having a ton of sales, and everyone is talking about. More and more people keep buying her stuff. Miley, or rather Miley’s publicists, realized that it was better to get people talking and remembering her than anything else.

What to do if you don’t want bad publicity

If you aren’t particularly interested in making people hate you in order to increase sales, you may want to just try a new referral program called pay per call. Every time someone calls in to your company and is a real lead, you pay a little bit for them. It is a really great way to get people talking, especially if you pay the people who are referring their friends and family to your company. Just offer a great service and pay people to refer their friends. It is the perfect way to go if you want to avoid bad news.


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