Millennial Marketing: The Key to Success

Millennials are in their careers and paving the way to a bright future. As those who are making money but have few responsibilities to pay for, they are some of your biggest customers right now. And if you aren’t advertising to them, you should be. This is the generation that likes to play more and work less, and if you ask whether they’d rather get more pay or have more time off, they’ll quickly choose to get extra days of vacation. The real question is how to do productive millennial marketing. What can you do to reach these kids with money they just want to spend?

First off, what is a Millennial?

Technically, a millennial is anyone born between 1980 and 2000, though most people use the term to refer to kids in their 20s who have already graduated and started careers. This generation is the first to grow up with technology ever-present in their homes, and they’ve learned to read through video games and online interaction rather than through studying books. According to The Guardian, this is the generation that doesn’t care about flashy tactics and may be more difficult to get interested in a product than generations in the past, especially considering how much apathy you’ll find among them. And on top of that, this is the generation that likes to work from home because it gives them more freedom over how their day goes. Millennial marketing is hard, but there are things you can do to help. Here are a couple of ideas.

Get a Millennial on your side

The best idea for effective millennial marketing is to get one to work for you. You’ll have to be willing to listen to their ideas and follow-through with what they recommend, but it helps a lot to know what they think about marketing. One cost-effective way to do this is to simply use pay per call marketing. Since they like to work from home, many of them have blogs with large followings, so they can make extra money. If you pay them for every quality lead that calls in on their dedicated phone number, they are more likely to advertise for you and recommend your product or service.

Get on mobile

This generation is ever-present in the online community. Millennials are often the ones you’ll see sitting together in a room with their faces in their phones. It’s not that they don’t enjoy each other’s company in person. It’s just that they like to multi-task. Optimizing your website for mobile and reaching them through mobile marketing will make a huge difference and will bring in a lot more business for the future.

Source: The Guardian

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